Surviving and thriving in the ecommerce jungle: Insight from Performance Marketing 360.

Just what does it take to succeed the challenging world of ecommerce? That was one of the big themes at this year’s Performance Marketing 360 event in Brighton, as Reprise’s Natalie Williams hosted an ecommerce roundtable with marketers from a diverse range of brands.

The roundtable session, which included representatives from Bacardi, Papa Johns, Mooncup, Toast Ale and Danetti, covered a range of topics including the role of Amazon marketplaces as part of a brand’s ecommerce mix, the importance of balancing performance metrics with brand quality and brand message, the impact that regulation has on many sectors (particularly food and drink), and mobilising existing customers to be advocates for your brand.

Key takeaways from the session included:

  • As many as 65% of shoppers now go to Amazon to research products so, even if your brand doesn’t intend to sell on Amazon, having a presence on the platform can help you to boost your brand visibility and take advantage of many of its tools.
  • Balancing brand quality and performance metrics was a big talking point, with Danetti’s Amanda Holloway noting “it’s easy to get carried away when you’re seeing a 300% sales uplift in one month, and maybe forget about your customer experience and brand proposition.”
  • Brands need to get ahead of regulation and changes in their market. Citing the case of Britvic, which “knew the sugar tax was coming in the UK”, adapted to make its products adhere to the guidelines before it was an issue and, in doing so, became “a much healthier brand proposition than many leading competitors as a result”.
  • Ecommerce brands need to harness the power of their existing customers and their advocacy, with Williams recommending brands spend time cleaning up out-of-date or off-topic review content on their sites.

The session was covered by Campaign Magazine and you can read their review of the discussion and its key takeaways here.

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