Reprise heads back to BrightonSEO.

Evie Collins, SEO Account Manager for Reprise, will take to the BrightonSEO main stage on October 6-7 with her talk, How SEO can eliminate friction and super-charge your customer journey.

In the session, Evie will discuss how SEO has often been seen in silo to other channels in many organisations but will go on to demonstrate how it can play an integral role in enhancing the customer journey and eliminating sources of customer friction that often results in inefficient marketing spend and lost revenue.

During the session, she will address those in SEO can use an audience-centric approach to SEO to identify those sources of friction and use SEO to eliminate them from the customer journey, creating smoother experiences for our customers, powering content that engages new audiences and amplifying our investment in media.

Evie will also use real-life examples of how, as well as growing organic rankings and traffic, you can embed SEO into the heart of your brand’s customer engagement strategy.

BrightonSEO takes place on October 6-7. Ticket information is available at

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