Stickyeyes and Reprise to present at Search Marketing Masterclass.

Stickyeyes and Reprise will once again be partnering with Masterclassing on 1 March 2022, as we present the importance of an agile SEO strategy.

Fran Barr, SEO Lead, will discuss how both Google and consumer behaviours are forcing brands to be much more agile and fluid in their approach to search marketing, the impact of maintaining a rigid approach to SEO, and what SEO managers can do to adapt to a more effectively constantly changing search environment.

In the session, Fran will discuss:

  • Why it is important to take an agile approach to SEO.
  • What it means to have an agile search strategy.
  • How to implement an agile mindset, deploying those key elements to ensure that your strategy stays ahead of the curve.

Places are still available on the Virtual Search Masterclass, which takes place on Tuesday 1 March, 9:00am GMT. Click here to secure your place.

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